Wednesday, 24 July 2019

How High Tech Weapons Technology Proliferation Occurs

If you want to understand how nuclear proliferation has historically happened over the past 5 a long time then you could go in examine all of the antique Rand Corp assume tank reviews, and there are some quality charts and visuals to show simply how it takes place, and how if it continues it will growth exponentially, and finally all countries will have nuclear guns. That’s quite scary thinking about a number of the rogue dictators that run some of these countries, and the much less than moral unscrupulous Machiavellian leaders of rogue nation-states and the way they rule.
Of course, it’s no longer just nuclear weapon proliferation that have to difficulty us. We have to additionally be pretty concerned with biological and chemical weapons. We must additionally be involved with future guns along with weather control guns, antigravity weapons, and idea control weapons. All of those matters we can be handling in the destiny many years to come back. And what approximately all of the existing excessive-tech weaponry together with;
Stealth Fighter Planes
ICBM Short Range Anti-Ship Missiles
Ultra-quiet Submarines
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technologies
Scramjet Propulsion
Cyber Warfare Technologies
It is fantastic how quick advanced technologies fall into the palms of rogue countries, and our enemies. It’s outstanding how hard it’s miles to keep a mystery on this global, and with on-line social networks, the Internet, and laptop structures, it is as if no key’s safe. Therefore, any generation we create, our enemies will quickly have, and consequently we need to create our very own defenses to our personal offensive weapon technology prior to liberating them into our very own army.
Okay so, let’s speak a bit bit approximately unmanned aerial vehicles, and destiny unmanned stealth fighter planes and attack plane. There become an thrilling article lately on PressTV “Israel Forbids Brazil to Sell UAVs to Aircrafts to Venezuela” published on July 9, 2011. Turns out that Israel offered UAVs to Brazil to assist with surveillance and to forestall drug trafficking.
You see, if Brazil shares UAV technology with Venezuela, Venezuela and Iran are quite near. Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad are on each different’s pace dial. We already recognise for a reality that era for missiles, plane, and different weaponry has already been exchanged. We additionally must anticipate that any nuclear era that Iran has, has also been shared with Venezuela.
It’s unlucky for Israel due to the fact they’re looking to help Brazil with drug trafficking, and if Venezuela receives a keep of that technology it will provide it to Iran, as a way to supply it to Hezbolla, and they may use it to attack the Jewish country. These styles of matters happen all the time, it’s happened to the US, and it’s also show up to Israel earlier than.
Also missile protection shields which guard one state can turn out to be in the arms of our enemy and save you us from reciprocating after they attack us. Indeed, I hope you’ll please remember all this in deep notion, and think on it.
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