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Make Your Own NEWS, By News Maker Application

Make Your Own NEWS, By News Maker Application

An easy way to edit videos, so they are more like television news shows on Reporter TV

  Do you like news  You can make simple videos just as easy and easy as a television news show, just use this app.  "Breaking News Go" Become a TV Reporter and start recording your news and spread your good news, spread your enthusiasm, spread useful information Become a TV Reporter on social media, live news and video Gujarati, 1, 2, 3, 4,  English and others

  News Plus is a partisan news app that has no political affiliation.  News Plus presents different perspectives from multiple trusted sources, and filters out fake news.  NewsPlus brings breaking news, top stories, trending videos to your city, state, India and the world.  Pick where you are from and get local news.  Ideal app for NRIs who want to stay current with coming back home.  Available in English and multiple Indian languages.

  News Plus is the best news app in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi and Bahasa.  News Plus is the only app that brings news, short videos and top tweets to every topic, celebrity.  Stay on top of the news and social conversations!

  News Plus brings personalized news to you based on your interests and your reading habits.  Find thousands of topics to customize your feed like Politics, Cricket, Football, Leo, Bollywood, Entertainment, Technology, Trade, Sports, Automobiles or your favorite politicians, celebrities, stocks, brands, movies, TV shows, cricket, football leagues.  And follow.

  Go to any tab and click on the buzz button to get the top tweets in that topic / category.  Read the latest stories on your favorite celebs and switch to the buzz section and scroll through interesting social media posts, pictures and videos!  NewsPlus has the unique ability to bring together a combined feed of top tweets on all the topics you follow, in For You Buzz

  News Plus has the unique ability to bring full coverage to relevant articles, videos and stories with top buzz.  News Plus has a special feature for bilingual language users, as well as brings news in two languages.  Select another language in Settings to turn this feature on.

  News Plus constantly searches and analyzes millions of articles in thousands of newspapers, blogs, social media posts and you can find English news, Hindi news (Gujarati news), Tamil news (News 2), Malayalam news  Kannada news ( Telugu News , Marathi News (Gujarati News), Bengali News (Gujarati News), Gujarati News (Gujarati News), A  Or Bahasa News.

  Key Features
  News Local News - Select your location in the "Local" tab to turn on local news
  Get the buzz - top tweets with pictures, videos and topics of interest to you
  ● Fast and easy - Optimize for slow connections, zero loading time, no setup or sign-in
  Read the way you want - Skim through headlines, read the full story, and get multiple perspectives
   Beautiful fonts for all Indian languages
  Night mode for easy reading in the dark
  Feed Find and follow topics, resources to get personalized feeds
  Stories Post stories, videos for your followers to see on their social feeds.
  Follow friends and see each other's posts, likes, magazines on News Plus.
  Share directly with News News Plus, articles and videos you love with your friends
  Feed Find and follow topics, resources to get personalized feeds
  Stories Post stories, videos for your followers to see on their social feeds.
  Follow friends and see each other's posts, likes, magazines on News Plus.
  Share directly with News News Plus, share your thoughts on the personality of articles and videos you love with your friends or easily create your own news.

  Breaking News - Make your own news by sharing your thoughts and reviews about the current affairs in the world with someone, this awesome app.  You can make a full review video about how you want your reviews to be.  You can give your analysis of any news by choosing a photo of any news you want to talk about, or a photo of an event you want to talk about.

  This app can help you wish for a birthday, anniversary, any greetings or greetings video messages to your loved ones.  You can create a video with their pictures and record your video by giving them a specific message.

  You can monitor events all over the world and create breaking news about them and share them on social media and various other play forms.  This app will help you create presentation videos about yourself and any other social celebrity or any politician.

  All social news, opinions about some new celebrities you are in the market for and you can share and mention some positive and negative points about it.  You can talk about the current situation in the world and all the wars going on in the world.  You can easily talk about or give reviews about movies, asons, plays and reality shows through this app.

  - Make your own news
  - Breaking News
  - Have some critique reviews about movies, plays, asons tu?
  - Talk about living some celebrities and their activities.
  - Do some social reviews about the politics in your country.
  - Show your support for the person you want to favor.
  - You can talk about it openly and easily target anyone by giving a photo of it in the video.

  Breaking news creator and news editor will let you create a video in which you need to add a photo of the target person first or the moment you want to talk about.  After that you need to create your video and you can edit it further.

  * Disclaimer *

  This application does not violate any Google policies or Google Fairs.

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