Thursday, 1 August 2019

Prinary shixako ne 4200 Gred pay Babat niyamak saheb no Letter

Prinary shixako ne 4200 Gred pay Babat niyamak saheb no Letter

There will be a change in online attendance in the Government schools of Gujarat. Online presence has shown that one presence suffices the other. This is why a new system is being introduced by the government. I have brought to you the news that the presence of all teachers of government schools will be supplied with face recognition. The same will be implemented from September 5. The state of Gujarat will be the first in India to implement this.script


Face recognition time attendance system iFace is unique face recognition access control system from Bienable Technology leader in the time attendance and access control system.This Face & Fingerprint Time Attendance System iFace latest in the series for face recognition device .

iFace is multi-biometric identification Time Attendance and Access control is integrated with 630MHz high speed multi bio processor. All operation of iFace are designed to be performed on the 4.3 TFT touch screen.

Function – iFace – Face Recognition Time Attendance SystemIdentification methods includes Face, Finger , card and Password.6 user defined Function Key.Web server software management via IE browser.

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