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Bharat No Itihas (Indian History) Pdf Download

Bharat No Itihas (Indian History) Pdf Download

History For Gpsc PDF for All Competitive Exams Bharat No Itihas Ebook Pdf for Govt Exams, Gupt Yug Free Pdf for alag name like talati clark gpsc tet tat etc | psi | constable | gpsc | gsssb , Governal General Free PDF Download, Jagatna Mukhya Dharm Topic-wise pdf Medieval Indian History ebooks free download, Prachin Bharat no Itihas book Pdf download, Indian History Material પુષ્યભૂતિ વશં Full PDF download book ,History of modern India Part 1 questions pdf, History of modern India Part 2 one liner pdf, Reasoning formulas pdf, Merger of indigenous states short tricks & Shortcut.
So, we are providing all the 19mi Sadinu Bharat PDfs that are related to all the topics covered in this section. Aspirants can directly download all the pdf from below.

Here we given subject wise study materials. So Candidates can download the study material from the below links. This is a complete set of compiled list of topics that almost covers the exam syllabus. This, we believe shall be useful in preparing and gearing up for taking the exams. Guys Feel free to request your recommendations in the comments section. Here We tend to offer you the no frill set of study materials for Indian History. We shall update the links with study materials at our pace and hence stay tuned for more updates.

We Are Daily Updated  Latest Gujarat & India Level All Types Government Jobs.We also Updated Various Exams schedule also. Also Answer key, Result, Question Paper, Merit and Selection Lists. We Also Provides GK, All types, Most Important Study Materials Related General Knowledge, English Grammar, Gujarati Grammar, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Model Papers, Exams Old Papers, GK In Mp3 And Video Formats also.
Now you can read in Landscape Mode as well, also you can swipe down to access the menu, swipe left & right to turn the pages.

We are very proud to bring an android app on our great beloved nation's history in your hands. The app, India History, is in english for everyone to read and improve their knowledge.


A hundred years ago, we don't have a recognized nation called India, it was all federation of various kingdoms, dynasties that defined and collectively called as region of hindustan, at some places as India. The app will take you through ages of our Indian history, it deals about various kingdoms that flourished and vanished in this land, the freedom movement that gave a birth to this nation. It also gives the nation's existence right from the stone age to this very time.


This complete book is subdivided into different historical events in chronological orders for the ease of read. This pocket application will provide you the detailed information about great rulers of India, historical battles, dynasties, freedom movements etc.

Collectively, you will read about history, geography, vedic science & technology, great leaders, rulers, culture etc.


The app presents you the content in a very intuitive and easy readable format. It gives the real-book reading experience in your devices. You can change background, font size, colors, bookmark pages etc. It is an offline content, you can read anytime, any place. It presents the images as references for each section of the history.


The app is a complete encyclopedia about our country, India. This is an ongoing collective process, it needs enormous efforts to keep up the historical information. We have referred several historian's great books, literature to carefully craft this app. If you find any missing or misleading information, kindly write to us with a historical proof, we are more than happy to get the app updated to our users.

So, go ahead and download the app, enrich your knowledge on India History.

NameMaterial ByDownload
History For GpscAnamika AcademyDownload
Bharat No ItihasWorld InboxDownload
19mi Sadinu BharatGk MasterDownload
Indian History In Gujarati PdfAstha AcademyDownload
Prachin Bharat RajvanshAstha AcademyDownload
Madhyakalin Bharat HistoryAstha AcademyDownload
Adhunik Bharat no ItihasLearngujaratDownload
Jain DharmTeaching KishanDownload
Baudh DharmTeachin KishanDownload
Gupt YugGk MasterDownload
Governal GeneralGk MasterDownload
HumayuGk MasterDownload
Jagatna Mukhya DharmAngel AcademyDownload
Medieval Indian HistoryLearngujaratDownload
Prachin Bharat no ItihasWorld InboxDownload
Indian History Material પુષ્યભૂતિ વશં Full PDF downloadLearngujaratDownload
આધુનિક ભારતનો ઈતિહાસ ભાગ ૧Gujarat Granth Nirman BoardDownload
આધુનિક ભારતનો ઈતિહાસ ભાગ 2Gujarat Granth Nirman BoardDownload
દેશી રાજ્યો નું વિલીનીકરણ Gujarat Granth Nirman BoardDownload

Bharat ni History

NameMaterial ByDownload
Bharat Na Itihas Na Ketlak UpnamoLearngujaratDownload
Medieval History Hand Written Notes 90 Pages PDFLearngujaratDownload
Modern History Hand Written Notes PDFLearngujaratDownload
Indian History Objective All Competitive ExamsLearngujaratDownload
Modern History Of India Hindi IAS PdfLearngujaratDownload
Bharat Ma European Prajanu Aagaman Liberty PDF DownloadLearngujaratDownload
Madyakalin Bharat Pdf Free File DownloadLearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Ebook Free Pdf File DownloadLearngujaratDownload
History Bharat Ma British Sattano Uday Ane Vikas Full DetailsLearngujaratDownload
Samajik Ane Dharmik Sudharanani Chalavalo HistoryLearngujaratDownload
Bharat ane Gujarat Ni History MCQ ane Quiz
NameMaterials ByDownload
Indian McqLearngujaratDownload
Most Imp Bharat Na Itihas Na 250 Omr Questions AnswersLearngujaratDownload
Bharat Ane Gujarat Na Itihas Ane Bhugol Na QuestionsLearngujaratDownload
Mahagujarat Aandolan Na Question Answer Pdf DownloadLearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Question Paper 1LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Question Paper 2LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Question Paper 3LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Question Paper 5LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Question Paper 6LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Question Paper 7LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Quiz 2LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Quiz 3LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Quiz 3LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Quiz 4LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Quiz 5LearngujaratDownload
Bharat No Itihas Quiz 6LearngujaratDownload
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